Dear GlobalGirls' mission isn't to only create a community for girls, but to ensure that all lives are equal. As Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, a youth climate change activist said, “What’s at stake right now is the existence of my generation." From the recent BLM movement, to the amount of concern global warming has on our generation, and the ongoing civil rights battle for those in the LGBTQ+ community; we need to ensure that:

1. People are aware of what the effects global warming has on our earth, 

2. Petitions are signed regarding the racial and inhuman treatment of the African-American community

3. Those who identify as LGBTQ+ is safe and protected from the harm people and organizations of authority, by denying their rights and even threatening their lives

While there are so many issues going on in the world, we feel that these are extremely important for the next generation of leaders to continue fighting for. Every Gen Z, should be questioning, will there even be a next generation?

Listed below are some petitions we have compiled regarding climate change, the LGBTQ+ Community, the Black Lives Matter Movement and other important global issues.