Sarah Shahed - Chief Executive Director

Sarah is a 17 year-old from Central New Jersey. She loves music, reading, writing, and spending time with her friends. Her passion for advocacy stems from her empathetic nature concerning social issues and witnessing firsthand the challenges and gender norms that women face. As Chief Executive Director, she hopes to spread Dear GlobalGirl’s mission and involve other young girls in that process as well.

Maansi Misra - Chief Operating Director

Maansi is a 17 year old from Central New Jersey. She loves to write and this project highlights the importance of girls being able to use their words to help others around the world. She has seen the harmful impact that gender roles have made on women, especially in India, where all of her extended family lives. She is passionate about educating and spreading awareness on various women's issues, especially menstrual health and reproductive rights. 

Harini Karthikeyan - Design Director 

Harini is a 16 year old from Central New Jersey. She loves to create and design and has a passion for the arts. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, dancing and cooking her favorite foods. Harini is passionate about closing the gender gap in technology and STEM career fields, and she hopes for a brighter future for the future generation of women around the world.

Rishita Nossam - Marketing Director 

Rishita is a 14-year-old high school student from New Jersey. She loves to dance, read, and listen to music. As a very politically active student, Rishita is a part of various organizations that focus on promoting youth civic engagement. She is also very interested in journalism and is a passionate activist for gender equality. As Rishita continues to advocate for females through the many struggles they face daily, she hopes to create change with Dear GlobalGirls.

Alexandra Williams - Social Media Director

Alexandra is a 14 year old high school student from Delaware. She loves baking, reading, and hanging out with friends and family. Her love of advocacy and activism has helped change her community and state for the better. As Social Media Director she hopes to inspire other girls to advocate for issues and go into fields of work that are often male dominated and non gender inclusive.

Erina Rejo - Programs Director 

Erina is a high school student from Central New Jersey. She enjoys reading, writing, and biking in her free time. Through her work with other organizations, Erina has focused on grassroots lobbying and advocating for certain issues that are often brushed over. She hopes to extend her reach through Dear GlobalGirl’s and its mission of providing young women a necessary voice in today’s society. 

Anya Mishra - Programs Director 

Anya is a high school senior born and raised in Central New Jersey. A few things she enjoys are  baking, stargazing, and film! She is thrilled to be apart of an organization that’s main goal is to give a positive and diverse platform for young women who strive to be leaders. As the Programs Director, she hoped that she could create fun and inclusive events for anyone and everyone interested in learning or becoming more involved with the constant fight for women’s equal rights.