Girls inspire girls. Through interviews of women and girls who have made impacts in their communities, we want to inspire others with ideas + stories of females who have made big impacts and have inspired so many girls already.

An important part of our Gen Z community are our nominations! At Dear GlobalGirls, there are two different options for nominations. First, you can nominate yourself! This is a perfect opportunity for young women to share their projects/ work to inspire more girls to an international community! We are looking for females who believe that they have made significant impacts on society, and have strong motivation to positively change the views of our world. We also give an opportunity for teachers to nominate students. We are looking for young female students who show initiative in advocating for change, and expresses originality in their ideas! We hope that with the nominations, numerous opportunities will open for young women to gain greater confidence and openly share their ideas internationally. 

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At Dear GlobalGirl, we have interviews! These interviews not only spread valuable information, but also inspires young females to learn the foundation of creating organizations, how to take leadership roles at school, and find ways that their voice can be heard internationally. We are excited to have interviewees who have experience in non-profit organizations, know how to strongly advocate, and can provide resources for young female leaders! Not only does gen-z allow young females to share your opinions on positive change, but teaches new information that will set them up for success. Most often our interviews are recorded on Zoom or are written through emails, and will be shared to the Global Girls meet group! 

We are looking for: teachers, actresses, founders of non-profits/ profits, women in STEM, women in entrepreneurship, if you fit none of the qualities listed, feel free to still fill out the request form below and we will review your submission! No women who feels they show leadership qualities should be denied from inspiring and representing the gen z community!

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